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Interested in becoming an Affiliate of our organization?

Middle Georgia Paranormal has decided to offer other paranormal organizations an affiliate position within our group. These affiliates must follow our standards and protocols for investigations.

The Benefits of being a MGPI Affiliate are; we will pass on investigations that are in your area or call upon you if we need to work with another group for bigger places. Sometimes we may need extra groups to work with us at investigations, lectures or any other media related topic. 

About Us:

Based out of Middle Georgia, MGPI takes pride in our professional work with the paranormal. There is a distinct passion with each investigator related directly to this undefined field. A distinguished love exists for the work that we do, but there is an extensive urge to help society decipher those experiences which are not easily understood.

Our Mission:

MGPI is a paranormal investigation and research organization committed to seeking scientific and metaphysical evidence of other realms of existence and is dedicated to assisting those experiencing unexplained phenomenon. We search for the true cause of reported activity, whether that is something explainable or paranormal in nature.

MGPI also recognizes that incidents of unknown origins or paranormal phenomenon can be frightening. Whether the phenomenon is normal or paranormal, the goal of each investigation is to alleviate these fears by helping our clients understand what they are experiencing while providing us with data and evidence as we strive to validate the possibility of other realms of existence. We will research, investigate and document all reports of paranormal phenomenon with integrity, honesty and discretion.

Each member of our investigation team is thoroughly trained in their areas of responsibility and performs every investigation with professionalism and respect. All members follow strict analytical protocols during investigations and attempt to rule out all naturally occurring phenomenon first, such as human influence, environmental affects, by reasonable assumption and scientific processes so that the only other explanation is scientifically inexplicable or paranormal in nature.

All paranormal evidence collected during investigations will be kept in the strictest confidence and will only be released or published when permission has been granted from the property owner.

MGPI takes pride in our ability to relate to our clients personally and professionally. Our main pursuit has always been to help those who believe they are having problems that are possibly rooted in the paranormal. MGPI will never charge for any service we offer, period but are always open to donations, i.e. currency or equipment.

We assist in helping, comforting and educating those who do not understand, or may be frightened by, the events happening around them. We will use any and all resources available to our team in the best scientific manner possible. Only recently in history have scientist begun to develop equipment that can aid in the detection and gathering of, ”evidence" in the wide range of paranormal activities. We cannot provide a guarantee that we will find evidence during our investigation with you. We may investigate your home without any evidence documented while we are there. We will be honest with you in telling you so. We will not falsify evidence, present falsified evidence, or agree with falsified findings. However, in the event that we do document something questionable, we will provide you with all evidence gathered while working for you.  We first will attempt to rule out anything human or environmental that can cause an explained affects for the happenings you are experiencing.

Our Method:

We document absolutely everything. If it moves, makes a sound, ambient temperature/pressure changes or even if someone sneezes... It's documented. We look for evidence for causes in real world situations first by whatever means possible. We consider our client first and use whatever time allotted to us as efficiently as possible every time. 

Our Morals:

MGPI does not and will not endorse rumors, hearsay, gossip, slander, or paranormal group 'battles'. This type of activity goes completely against our nature as well as the standards and practices. We are happy to work with and share information with other paranormal research groups around the country. In our opinion, paranormal research is finally being viewed in a serious light and the only way to validate and move the field forward is for groups to work together. If anyone works against that, we simply do not interact with them. We also do not post anything in regard to our investigations in public, unless we have received permission from our client beforehand. We are a professional group with professional standards.

The Investigation process of Affiliates

1. You will receive the basic information about the investigation request.

2. You will then have one week to accept the request and must let us know.

3. If you accept the investigation, we will then send a full detailed outline of the case to you and your group.

4. It is then your duty to contact the client and schedule an appointment with them to interview the witness.

5. You and your group must research the history of the location and if applicable make a sketch of the location/building.

6. Investigation day you must make sure you log down any EMF and temperature fluctuations.

7. Also keep notes of any phenomenal experiences. Don’t forget to take the baseline readings and write them down beforehand.

8. Thoroughly review all data recorded. Audio, Video, Pictures. Note any possible anomalous activity and review more than once to make an accurate judgment. Please forward any data you think may be paranormal to Middle Georgia Paranormal.

9. Prepare your final report, usually a one to two page description of experiences at the site. It must include information such as location, date, time (start to finish), weather, current moon phase, geomagnetic field status, solar x-ray status, investigator experiences, and equipment used. Please refer to our case reports if you are uncertain.

10. Reveal what you have found to your client.

11. You must forward us a copy of the final report.

12. For your convenience you may use all our forms.

Requirements to Become an Affiliate of Middle Georgia Paranormal Investigation’s


1. The group must be established for ATLEAST a year.

2. The group must be able to prove they are collective, legitimate, and professional.


Any team interested becoming an M.G.P.I affiliate MUST adhere and practice our standards of:

1. Morals

2. Professionalism

3. Honesty

4. Scientific Skepticism

5. Integrity

6. Dedication

Website Presentation

1. You must have a presentable website that cannot be a freebie site.
2. We need a banner to link to your site.

Broken links or dead websites will be removed from our affiliate list.

Please understand this section may be modified from time to time as we see fit. 

IF your group meets these qualifications, please submit an application by following the link below.

Thank you for your interest in affiliation!




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