Middle Georgia Paranormal

After our accidental discovery, MGPI decided to further investigate this area. We conducted an investigation and left the DVR running all night. This was our findings:

May 11, 2009

(1:00 am – 3:00 am)
Apartment 988 Two Hour DVR- Original Time Sequence Findings
1. A single male voice is heard saying something which   resembles “hi”, and then a dog barks a single time. This male voice sounds similar to the one previously caught on the porch by accident.

2.A man’s voice is captured saying something unidentifiable.
3.Two solid footsteps near the DVR, there is not a precession or any following the two.

4. A clear communication is heard between a man and a woman voice. First the man, followed by the women, finally finished off by the man.
5.An identifiable sequence of three knocks.
These events occurred close within proximity to each other considering the span of two hours which the DVR was recording. Oddly enough the dogs outside barked shortly after the man and woman conversation. None of this evidence is conclusive enough to determine a haunting at this location, but I would recommend additional investigative strategies to identify the types of paranormal activity which occur here.