Middle Georgia Paranormal

August 16, 2009 Findings from Private Residence In Downtown Macon

This video is split into two parts:

1. The first part is during the beginning of our investigation, in which our team downstairs and upstairs both heard a sequence of knocks. These knocks seemed to originate within a connecting wall, between upstairs and downstairs.

2. The next segment occurred during an EVP session towards the middle of the investigation. This was in the same room downstairs as the knocks were previously heard. The segment is about seven and half minutes long. There is a combination of many things we discovered during this time. Continuous footsteps were heard upstairs and in the adjoining kitchen. We later discovered a whispering voice within the clip, which is difficult to understand. This voice occurs towards to end nine seconds before a huge disruption within the kitchen. When sounds occurred our investigators worked hard to investigate the surrounding areas and offer logical explanations; which led to the conclusion that these events were illogical and paranormal in nature.

This investigation was a definite surprise. MGPI would conclusively say that there is something of a paranormal nature occurring at this location. Due to the lack of visual evidence and personal experiences we cannot conclusively elaborate further than this.