The electromagnetic theory of the paranormal field is that supposedly a ghost or spirit gives off an electromagnetic field which can be detected by Electromagnetic Field meter (EMF). Nearly everything in nature, both alive and inanimate, emit an electromagnetic field. Many man-made devices emit a very strong electromagnetic field such as electrical outlets, fuse boxes, computers, electrical wiring, television sets, air conditioning units, appliances, and much more. Most of these electrical sources will give off high EMF readings as part of their normal operation.

The units of measure most often used for EMF in the U.S.A. is called milligauss (mg). In Europe the commonly used unit of measure for EMF is the milliTesla (mt), which is named after the famed scientist and investor Nicolas Tesla who experimented greatly with electricity. 1 Tesla = 10,000 Gauss.

A paranormal occurrence or ghost may give off milligauss readings in the range of 1.5mg to about 6mg depending on the EMF meter you use. If you get a paranormal reading, the reading should not be a steady. Steady or constant readings are usually artificially created. You may have to move around to see where the reading or ghost may be taking you.