My reading for the day. I know MANY groups that are using this APP but there is NO scientific equipment in your phone to provide EMF or temperature abilities. Your device would require specific hardware and software for this type of information and detection. Warning to all my paranormal buddies, remember to always keep in mind how something works. Don't be afraid to do research and ask why? My advise, one of the biggest tools for paranormal investigating is your body and physical reactions. We are only touching the tip of the iceberg within the field on ways to document certain paranormal occurrences, but they are not within our phones. :-)

Mobile phones are now capable of almost anything by the recent introduction of the mobile app named Ghost Radar Classic. Applications for phones are huge business now and have created huge numbers of careers and jobs in the software development industry. Ghost Radar Classic is a unique application that makes some quite audacious claims which will be discovered and reviewed.

Ghost Radar is an app that has been developed by Spud Pickles software and is available to be downloaded on the majority of new mobile phone platforms. The platforms that are supported are the Apple products, Google Android, and Blackberry phones. These phones that allow downloadable apps are known as smart phones.

They allow the possibility for the users to not only use their device as a normal phone with voice calls and text messaging, but open the possibility to music, films and games. Ghost Radar is an entertainment application that has a slight twist of the supernatural.

The Claim
Spud Pickle claims that their app has the ability to “detect paranormal activity” and will plot it on a radar. If this application lives up to the claims, then it does something that no other product can do reliably. The app’s blurb also contains some written context containing some incredible statements about how this application works. Such claims are that it uses electromagnetic fields, vibrations, and sounds to detect ghosts and paranormal activity in and around the device.

Spud Pickle also makes a statement on their website saying that this application should be used for entertainment purposes only and say that the app is purely aimed for those looking to trick others or have a little fun. This means that it can not be used with any accuracy or certainty.

The Hype
The claims that are made about how the app works are incredible but are unfortunately then dismissed as being just for fun and that it works with no level of accuracy. Apps that can measure and coordinate sounds and vibrations do exist, but normally only on very high technological pieces of hardware. These would need more of a hardware update rather than be simply a downloaded application. Measuring of electromagnetic fields would definitely only be found in very highly advanced pieces of hardware and so it is even more unlikely that an app can be expected to pull off such a feat.

The Cost
Ghost Radar Classic is available for free on the Apple, Android, and Blackberry Market app stores. This does mean that the developers sell advertisement space within the user interface that they use to create money, and so there will be scrolling adverts along the bottom and top of the screen during use.

The Commitment
Spud Pickle are constantly developing Ghost Radar Classic and as such are striving to continuously improve and update the service and keep the application current and working on all types of phone and platform. With platform software updates, some apps may fall away and become slow and buggy but with these constant developments, this application stays up to date and in full working operation.

It is fairly safe to say that this app will not accurately detect any ghosts or paranormal activity around your home or work. The claims that are made about the technology that it employs are also somewhat fictional and to be able to achieve some of the feats such as measuring and monitoring electromagnetic waves around the device and plotting these to a radar can only be achieved by a huge upgrade in the phone’s internal hardware.

The sensitivity for picking up sounds and vibrations however is very good fun and will keep you entertained for a while at least.

Does Ghost Radar Classic Really Work?

For the use as an something that senses paranormal presence and movements, this app does not work. However, for the use of tricking friends and having fun by playing around with the app, it can be great fun and can then be said to work excellently.

Our Recommendation
The application is free and designed for a bit of fun for the user and so we would recommend that you download it if you have the correct platform of phone for this to operate on. It may not live up to its full claims of being able to detect nearby ghosts and ghouls but will certainly give you some great entertainment if it be scaring your friends or family, or indeed simply enjoying yourself around your own house.