Middle Georgia Paranormal

This video isolates our recent findings from the Royal Palms Bed and Breakfast in Forsyth, Georgia. Below are the time signatures for the video, as well as our conclusions...

00: During the time which the DVR was placed within the building by itself, there is movement heard from upstairs, which resembles walking.

1:26: Shannon and Amelia are in the kitchen and a woman’s voice is heard after Shannon says “light”. What is being said is yet to be determined.

1:50: A high pitched noise is heard, that is unaccounted for.

2:16: The group leaves the DVR to go get batteries for an EMF detector which might be malfunctioning; the group is clearly heard leaving the upstairs area. A woman’s voice is heard with accompanied walking. The group is then heard returning from downstairs with fresh batteries.

3:00: A distinct woman’s voice is heard whispering, what is being said is yet to be determined.