Middle Georgia Paranormal

Middle Georgia Paranormal Investigations LLC Presents: 

Middle Georgia Ghost Hunts

Do you want to be a paranormal investigator for a night? Middle Georgia Ghost Hunts offers structured ghost hunting events throughout the Middle Georgia area.  Your time with us offers an experience that is memorable and impressive. Our mission is to pull back the cloak of mystery within the paranormal field and help our community appreciate the historical and spiritual significance of the field.  We strive for all of our ghost hunts to provide a legitimate glimpse and experience of the paranormal investigative process.  Our staff will be on hand during every ghost hunt. We offer you the most trained and experienced guides of any ghost hunt experience around, trained paranormal investigators! Each member of our staff is an active member of the paranormal group Middle Georgia Paranormal Investigations. All staff members have engaged in private client investigations and retain the experience and knowledge to make your experience one you will never forget!  All of our ghost hunts consist of small group sizes. We believe the smaller group sizes  reduce the risk of contamination, ensures the integrity of your experiences, and allows for a more intimate experience! All ghost hunting equipment will be provided to you and we make sure there is enough for everyone! We provide you with the latest and most advanced scientific equipment in the paranormal field. You will have full access to various types of paranormal equipment, in an isolated haunted location which will optimize all of your paranormal experiences.  We welcome everyone to join us for a ghost hunt! We are able to accommodate and offer an amazing hunt to those with no experience or years of experience in the paranormal field. There is no previous paranormal investigative experience required.  Middle Georgia Paranormal Investigations, M.G.P.I,  is the collaborative force behind Middle Georgia Ghost Hunts.  Based out of Middle Georgia, M.G.P.I takes pride in their professional work within the paranormal field. There is a distinct passion with each investigator, related directly to this innovative field. A distinguished love exists for the work which they do, but there is an extensive urge to help society decipher those experiences which are not easily understood.  Since 2008, M.G.P.I has serviced the paranormal needs of the Middle Georgia area. The heat and soul of M.G.P.I was born in the historically beautiful and haunted street on downtown Macon, GA. Over time, M.G.P.I realized there was an interest from the local public to have paranormal experiences, learn the proper scientific way to conduct paranormal research, and gain insight into the work which the M.G.P.I does. In response to this direct interest and need from the Middle Georgia area, M.G.P.I founded Middle Georgia Ghost Hunts.  Ready to buy your ticket and schedule a ghost hunt with us? Click the link below!