Middle Georgia Paranormal

     Natalie is from the rapidly developing town of Warner Robins, Georgia. Natalie lives each day absorbing and learning from the knowledge the universe sends to her. Often, it is said when an individual has a deep emotional experience with the death of a loved one, they begin to experience the unknown. This was the case for Natalie once her grandmother passed. This emotional death helped her begin her journey within the paranormal field. The experiences she has since encountered have given her the strength to overcome her own fears and press on to seek answers to these paranormal events. This same curiosity transpired into a desire to help those who needed to overcome their own fears and to offer an understanding of the occurrences which might not fully be understood. Natalie enjoys researching the history and information of locations to connect the paranormal with historical realities. Natalie‚Äôs intuitive and curious nature offers M.G.P.I a balance of the historical nature of all paranormal activity.