Middle Georgia Paranormal

     Shannon Ray has lived her whole life in the Middle Georgia area. As a young girl she had numerous paranormal experiences, which led her to question the existence of the continuation of life after death. Shannon continuously proves to be a dedicated mother, wife, and professional within every aspect of her life. The scientific field of paranormal investigating illuminates a huge importance within her life. She is completely dedicated to helping bring light to the paranormal topic that mainstream society has attempted to darken.    

 Shannon Ray  founded Middle Georgia Paranormal Investigations in 2008, with the main goal of educating her community on the scientific aspects of the paranormal field and furthering her own paranormal journey. From 2012 to 2014, Shannon syndicated and produced her own paranormal webcast, "Paranormal Minds". The social webcast "Paranormal Minds", was hosted on the ParaEncounter Network and allowed Shannon the opportunity to expand her knowledge, wisdom, and experience in the paranormal field.    

Shannon Ray has been blessed with numerous professional opportunities within the paranormal field. In 2014 Shannon became a guest gatekeeper and paranormal author for the local Macon, GA online magazine Gateway Macon. Shannon still continues to write articles based on the paranormal for the Gateway Macon online blog. Shannon has continuously worked to expand her author work and educate mainstream society. Shannon is currently writing a informational book about the shadow figure phenomenon.     

 In 2016, Shannon was honored to be interviewed and featured in an episode of "Ghost Asylum," on the Destination America Network. Shannon utilized her paranormal experiences and wisdom to guide the Tennessee Wraith Chasers in their return investigation to the Old South Pittsburg Hospital.  In October of 2016, Shannon Ray and the other Middle Georgia Paranormal team members were featured on the show "Paranormal Witness: True Terror". This episode premiered on the SyFy network and was entitled "The Night Ward". The entirety of the episode focused on MGPI's experiences at the extremely haunted Old South Pittsburg Hospital in South Pittsburg, Tennessee. This was the first time in the shows history that they focused solely on the experiences of Paranormal Investigators and was an amazing experience for Shannon Ray.   

   Shannon offers a logical and intuitive perspective within every investigation. Shannon Ray has conducted hundreds of investigations over the course of her paranormal career and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Shannon is dedicated to serving and educating her community about the paranormal field. She works tirelessly to continue her own learning and wisdom within the paranormal field to share any and all information with others. She has been told numerous times she thinks "outside of the box, which is outside of the box". She offers challenging intellectual questions which provoke alternative thinking within MGPI.